Boilo Candle - Pennsylvania's Moonshine Secret
Boilo Candle - Pennsylvania's Moonshine Secret

Boilo Candle - Pennsylvania's Moonshine Secret

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Every winter in the Coal Region of Pennsylvania, families gather to make their closely guarded Boilo (Pronounced Boil-o) recipe. Created by Lithuanian and Polish immigrants replicating honey liquors known as krupnikas from the homeland, each recipe is unique, passed generation to generation. They all share the same base combination of oranges, lemon, honey, aromatic spices, and moonshine or whiskey.  These ingredients are slowly mulled in a big pot or a crockpot to allow the aroma and flavors to blend.

Many say that this brew has curative effects, but we can all agree that it fills the house with an amazing aroma and makes the coldest days warm.

My favorite day of the year is Boilo day. The amazing aroma fills the house and you know that Christmas and the new year are near. This was my motivation to create the Boilo candle and make Boilo day possible every day. 

About this Fragrance

Oranges, lemon, honey, mulling spices (such as cinnamon sticks, caraway seed, anise star, cloves) and whiskey



13.5 oz


Premium quality ingredients with natural essential oils create distinctive true-to-life scents.  Phthalate Free.


Lab-tested to ensure the appropriate strength and consistency. 100% recyclable and accepted by most recycling centers.


Lead-free, 100% natural fibers, and hand straightened to ensure it is centered for the best burn possible.

Burn Time:

60-65 hours


3.15" x 5.10"



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